Hacking Chocolate! Tasty Science Event! Saturday!

We all now what chocolate is, and we know it’s a great gift, but is it good for SCIENCE?!?!? (Spoiler Alert: The answer to this question is always YES.)

Quelab decided to experiment with chocolate this month, and you’re the happy beneficiaries. (Let’s all be honest, it wasn’t a terrible hardship of a task…)

On February 25, we’ll be sharing our chocolaty scientific findings. It will be a tasty argument that hacking and making is not all about wires and soldering irons. Sometimes, it’s about taking ordinary ingredients and making something unusual and tasty!

Hacking Chocolate Saturday, February 25 6-10pm Quelab, 1112 2nd St NW

February is the month of love, but more importantly the month of chocolate! Join us as we explore, experiment, and share new frontiers in molecular gastronomy. Experiment with chocolate and other confections, and see our chocolate-powered rocket engine. Make coco pearls, and more! We hope to have some local confectioners there to talk about their wares too. (We just heard back from at least one confectioner is going to be giving out samples…)

Quelab isn’t known for repeating events – hey, we’re busy people –  don’t miss it this time. While you’re at it, be sure to bring a few friends. Don’t hoard the awesome!

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