Foosball Table, part 1

I bought a foosball table for the space.  It needed some cleanup & repair and Walter asked me to blog about it.  Part 1 in a 5 part series.

These events took place on November 15, 2013.

Not sure why, but I have had a hankering for a foosball table.  I used to play in college, thought  it might go nicely in the new space, and hoped it would be well received.  So, I’ve been perusing Craigslist.  We’re lucky; the Albuququerque CraigsList is pretty busy, so there’s plenty of opportunity to find bargains.  It’s frustrating, too, though.  So many people never answer e-mails, and many never delete their ad after the item is sold so too often if you do receive an answer back, it’s “sold”.  And that’s not considering the many CraigsList scams out there.

In this case, I eventually found a foosball table for just $50!  I emailed the seller, and received back the info that the table was left at their rental property by their last tenants as partial payment.  And of course it’s all the way on the other side of town.  I found the place, and saw the table… it was in rough shape, but he was only asking $50, and I figured the parts were worth that much.  “Rough shape” translates as left outside for, oh, I am guessing for more than a year!  There was dirt & dust all over the playing field, one guy broken in half (and several with cracks starting to form), rust on every fastener, laminate damage at various parts of the table, and the unprotected ends have started soaking up moisture, too.  That detailed analysis (aside from ‘hey, some of the guys are damaged’) all came later.  All I saw at the time was the price!  “Only” fifty bucks!

Well, obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly, because I forked over the money, the gentleman helped me load it into my Ford truck, and away we went.

Now, I don’t have room for something like this at my own house, so to Quelab it had to go.  Again, I hoped it would be well received, even in the horrible shape it was in.  I got down to the new location (such a thing would never have fit at Quelab 1.0!), and found my first problem.  We don’t yet have a garage (e.g. w-i-d-e) door to get into the space, so I was going to have to figure out how to get a foosball table through a normal sized doorway!

Here are some shots of the table in as-bought condition, taken outside the Quelab front door:




 I went ahead and disassembled the rods & guys off of the table, so it would fit through the door.  I would end up removing them as part of the refurbishment, so no big deal doing it at this point in time.


 In the pic you can see some of the damage more clearly: the dirt of course, but also the rust on all the fasteners, and the banked corners have fallen & need put back into place (tables with only one goalie usually have these corners so the ball does not end up in a dead spot).

Next time: cleanup & damage assessment.

p.s.I have since figured out a super easy way to move the table through a doorway without disassembly: stand it on end and move it on a flat furniture dolly putting the right legs through the door then then the left legs, easy-peasy.  If the table ends up living in the entryway (what we are now calling room 49), it will be moved there with this technique.