Foosball Table, part 2

I bought a foosball table for the space.  It needed some cleanup & repair and Walter asked me to blog about it.  Part 2 in a 5 part series.

These events took place on November 17, 2013.

Read Part 1 of this series, if you missed it.

I boxed & bagged parts as I took them apart, and made some notes, too.  The bumpers could easily go together wrong: plastic washer, metal washer, rubber bumper, plastic washer.  And the metal washer goes to the inside of the table, by the foosball guy.  And the goalies have an additional metal stop ring that gets mounted… in place of additional goalies, I guess?  Anyway, take notes & lots of pictures when you do something like this… it will pay off in the end (a lesson I was reminded of with this very project.  More on that in a future installment).

The rods bumped around in the back of my truck for a day or two until I finally brought them inside and wiped them down.  They really could use some chrome polish, or barkeep’s friend or the like, but for now I just vigorously wiped them down with an all-purpose cleaner.   Then to clean the rest of the table’s parts… this little project gave me a chance to use my ultrasonic cleaner!


I love having a Harbor Freight store in the town.  It’s great! And if you check any number of magazines, the newspaper, or online, you can always find percentage off coupons to help bring down the costs of whatever you’re buying.  This particular cleaner, I bought at HarborFreight to clean motorcycle carburetors, believe it or not.  I’ve read on the ‘net (gotta love the internet) that you can use an ultrasonic cleaner with regular dish detergent (Dawn was recommended) and effectively clean out motorcycle carbs.  I have a project bike in the back yard, an ’81 Honda CB400T, that WILL someday be put back on the road.  I bought the cleaner for that purpose, but have never gotten around to opening it & actually cleaning the carbs, so this will be its maiden voyage: cleaning parts from a foosball table.

Here is the yellow team getting sonic’d:



And here is the tan team getting sonic’d:


Strange (or maybe not), but the only damaged foosball guys were the tan team… all the yellow guys were just fine.  I assume it’s a characteristic of the tan plastic, or perhaps something in the manufacturing. I suppose it could just be that the tan team was played by Moose & Reggie, while the yellow team was played by Archie & Jughead. (I bet that Moose guy would be super hard on foosball guys, don’t you think?)

Then the bumpers & washers, etc. got a bath, too:


Here is the damage tally: Four guys down.  One paraplegic (no legs), one bionic guy (legs broken off but secured back on because we have the technology to make him faster, better, etc.), and two guys that are accidents waiting to happen: cracks across their chests, right in line with the rods they are mounted on (sorry about the bad picture quality; I had real difficulty getting this shot, no idea why).


With the damage assessed, I made a decision for the project: I would do it as cheaply as possible.  I searched online and between eBay & a number of specialty web sites, I ordered (4) tan guys & a dozen foosballs from Mueller Receational Products. Four “New Style Tournament Soccer Man-Cream” (oops; I guess they’re “cream”, not “tan”) and a dozen “Tournament Soccer White Engraved Foosballs” were less than $20.  Cheap enough.   I can’t wait for the delivery…

Next time: table repairs & more cleanup.