March of the Robots 2

March of the Robots!

March of the Robots is here. Come build a robot minion during the month of March and we’ll show them off at our March of the Robots event on March 31 from 6-9pm. There’s been talk of BEAM Bots and photo-voltaic awesomeness. Want a Dalek to serve you? We can build that. Want to build a bot that can navigate mazes? We can do that, too. We’ll be working on robot related madness on hacknights all month – Tuesdays and Sundays. Come the end of the month, we’ll be having a public event to show off, build some simple bots with the public and generally have a great robotic time. Craig Goldsmith will be on hand with some hand built 1uffakind robots. They’ll be walking around doing what a robot does.

See the March of the Robots forum for more discussion.

Instructions to build a photovore

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2 thoughts on “March of the Robots

    • Adric

      Very cool, great work Aaron! One suggestion, you might want to add a image of your circuit doubled with some suggested interconnect points, i know alot of my trouble was trying to find shorcuts where i could just bond the left and the right. (and then correcting when i got part of it backwards) Teach me to solder hungry!