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bottlecap contact microphones

Circuit-Bending Hackerspace Rock Band, CMKT 4, is doing a workshop Wednesday, May 9th, 7-9:PM building contact microphones in conjunction with Quelab. These microphones are powerful enough to do whatever you want, and accessible enough for all skill levels. Plus, they’re made out of bottle caps, which is just awesome. It’s a DIY electronics project that leaves you ready to do other projects, too. Register at any hacknight or through Eventbrite.

Workshop attendees will learn how to solder/improve existing soldering skills, work with recycled materials, and develop a basic understanding of piezoelectricity. The process involves a 45 minute dry-time, during which CMK4 will entertain the workshop attendees with a live performance. Additional kits and microphones will be available for purchase, as well.

There will be a separate members-only event later in May. If you’re interested, please contact us about details!

See them in action on YouTube.


Photos from the workshop can be seen here, And Wookie (Ready handed Media) took some video.)

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3 thoughts on “Calling All Musicians!

  • Adric M

    The best thing from the class was a lot of attention   paid to how careful/heat sensitive soldering the piezoelectric disk is, ive had trouble with them before. (wanted to make some sound/vibration powered LED’s for our Sound of the electron event. but kept having failures.  the ones that worked were from reclaimed disks which already had wires or solder pads on the crystal contact. )

    All in all good class,  great folks, pretty good teachers.  My only real issue  their theory was a little off on the piezoelectric disk mechanics.  Nothing that made the end product any less awesome.