Lightpainting workshop Sunday May 27th

Quelab wants to invite you in to play with lightpainting. (basically long exposure photography in the dark, where you can use led/lights/phones/lasers/glowsticks to litterally draw in four dimensions!

Cost is just our usual hacknight fee + a fee for a memory card(which you get to keep with your digital creations on it) $8 (until we run out of cards)

So show on up about 8:30 let us knwo you are here to try out light painting, feel free to bring lightup devices. (led keychains, lightsabers, blinking bouncy balls, lighup fans or whatnot) We will have 2 DSLR’s on hand but if you want to bring another one or some tripods (I’m hoping I can find my tripod’s locking plate) feel free to do it.

Sorry for the late notice on this, if folks who can make it think this is good fun we will try and schedule a bigger better one later when we are all less busy.

For further ideas on what light painting is here are some examples.

Here is a small animation of a few of our light painting ideas.

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