July Newsletter

Quelab Has picked up some new members, And its projects are reaching out further and further. (within a few weeks we hope to be launching a high altitude balloon! ) And we are helping to put on Albuquerque’s first mini Maker Faire

But that’s not all.

Friday (July 6th), 6-9pm Quelab is open for a geek social, Its really the local 2600 hacker quarterly meeting. http://2600.com free, (dontations welcome), open to anyone who loves to geek out about technology, security, gadgets, tools and more.

This Saturday (July 7th), We are having “Things that go Boom Event“. That’s right we are talking about fireworks, noise makers, fire extinguishers, exploring the colors of fire, and perhaps even a popcorn cannon (still in progress) tickets are $10

Then (July 13-15th)if you want to turn your programming/design/developer/ideas into a good project, join Albuquerque’s First 48 hour Hackathon! https://code66abq2012.eventbrite.com/ Sign up today! They really need more people! (this is not a Quelab event, but we may be the after hours location. Not to mention its a cool thing for Albuquerque to get so get out there and support it! )

As always Quelab is open to the public for Hacknights, Tuesday and Sunday nights, 7-10pm come on down, there is a Hacknight fee of $5 for non members (unless its your first visit!)

Remember Membership both helps us keep the lights on, and gives you a place to work on your ideas 24/7! More info on memberships can be found on our Membership Details page.

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