Wednesday Workshop: Pin-Hole Cameras, long exposure photography, and easy at home developing

Wednesday September 12th, Im going to be teaching a small informal workshop on lone exposure experimental photography via pinhole cameras. we will be going back to the very roots of photography.

As a long time photographer its easy to get caught up with the latest and the greatest in technology. But a lot can be learned by going way back to the start of it all. I wanted to get into some pinhole Solargraphs(photos of the sun streaking across the sky) but i didnt have a good darkroom handy.

So I developed a technique for using every day metal food tins to make small pinhole cameras, and then loaded them with blueprint paper. (blue print paper is nice because it does not need precise timing to develop, and can be developed with simple and fairly safe household chemicals, and you don’t have to work with negatives!

Here are some examples.

more examples and some of my cameras can be seen here,

This Class we will talk a little bit of theory about How long do these long exposures need to be.
Camera making, (select your tins, and pierce your pinhole)
About the paper, and its handling.
Developing the film

Everyone signed up will go home with atleast one camera, and several sheets of paper (10 or more photos possible per sheet).

Date:Wednesday September 12th.
Location: 1112 2nd street NW
Cost: $15 (you can choose to pay with cash if you rsvp look for the “Show other payment options” which will save you a little bit of service fees!)
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