[HSN] Nullspace Labs Moving

Greetings, Quelabbers! This week, I’ve got a quick blog post from the world of Hackerspace News.

While perusing Hack-a-Day this week, I discovered that Null Space Labs (NSL) has encountered some unexpected building problems: Their current location is going to be gutted for a remodel in March, and they have to vacate their space by 23 Feburary. After having gone through our own move recently, I’m positive that is not doing them good things.

They’ve put up a crowdfunding campaign to help defray the cost of getting First and Last Month’s rent together, and get everything packed and moved in less than a month. Boosting the signal, here’s the link to help Save Nullspace Labs.

(To get an idea as to what sort of stuff needs to be moved, check out the Hack-a-Day Tour) or visit them at 032.la.