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LocksIf you’ve seen any spy films from the 60s, or any heist films from the turn of the century, you’ve seen people pick a lock. If you’ve been to the Maker Faire (any of the Mini-Faires, or the larger coastal events), if you’ve read 2600, or if you’ve been in any group of people interested in security (Physical or Digital) you may have heard people talking about lock-picking . Some people have even turned the physical skill of picking a lock into game (locksport), seeing who can open a lock fastest… without using a key.

PicksOne of our members, Adric, is an amateur locksmith, and while he has never been a practicing professional locksmith he has honed his skills at various HOPE/DEFCON events. And keeps honing his skills/knowledge of the arts of “nondestrictive entry” and “locksport”, and occasionally taking that 3am call from a locked out friend. Starting with flea-market finds at age 7, by age 12 he had picked his first locks, modified a key to fit family car, and figured out a master key(pick) for a type of common padlocks. He continued his love of locks and locksmithing by making dozens of his own picks by hand-filing all sorts of household materials.

**We are currently sold out on this class, but feel free to watch the eventbright for any tickets opening up due to cancelation** or watch our twitter feed, @QuelabNM **

This coming Wednesday, he will be sharing his knowledge with you, at our Personal Locksmithing class, part of our Weekday Workshop series.

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Come Learn about locks and locksmithing, how locksmithing is more than just breaking into things (although that is the fun part). The Locksmithing/Picking workshop will touch on the following topics:

* Laws and legality (Adric is not a lawyer, do not take this as legal counseling)
* History of locks and lock types
* Basics of lockpicking
* What is locksport/nonddestructive entry
* Basics of lock construction & why lockpicking works
* Basics of home locksmithing/rekeying/installing/fixing
* Q&A

We hope you can join us! PS yes you will get to try picking! (not a babble only lecture!)

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