Quick Laser Update

For those of you who didn’t make the general meeting on the second, Quelab has received a donation of a Laser Cutter! Based on our original expectations, it looked like a Full Spectrum laser, but on further research, it turns out it’s actually from g.Wilkie.

Got a computer.

From Adric:
The good news, we now know which laser cutter we have, its the g wilke, Chinese lasercutter, (not the FSL), got access found the usb port.

Laser cutter brain

We successfully cut a hole through the wall for the ducting, threaded through our duct, and loosened the patch panel on the back of the building, (nice safe area out there, totally fenced in, not even a gate..)

There was a little bit of reorganizing the room, so that usb cables and such will be able to reach and to give room to do the ducting.

The bad news, looks like the previous owner did not get us the blower unit for the laser, If it was a FSL it would be loaded in the main bay under the bed. for the G.Wilke it is an external unit, inline with the duct.

the unit moves no air through, cant even feel the breeze from the cpu cooler fan, or the smoke and ash removing and ash compressor duct. looking in the bottom and back and under the laser no blower is found.

I brought in my 250cfm duct booster fan and it blows a fair amount, but I fear it does not really pull enough volume (will need to look up the specs.)

Find out if 250cfm is enough, if so it needs to be attached to the exhaust port, and attach the flexiduct to it.

The other end of the flexiduct needs to be affixed to the back wall knockout; I brought some sheet metal collars, but I don’t think they expand big enough to hold them into the back wall, and id suggest we get some screen or mesh for the duct to avid critters or birds.

Flexiduct needs to be hung.

Laser cutter will also need to be re-leveled and re chocked on its legs.

the tests for its operation and calibration….

networking the pc, and transfering/installing proper g.wilke software needs to be done.