2 upcoming things: Quelab Grand Opening planning, Spray painting workshop, and more!

Howdy all,
Greg here, to tell you about the next 2 Quelab events this week.

Tuesday, (25 March @ 8:30pm) – Come to hacknight on Tuesday to hear all about the plans for the Official Quelab Grand Opening event. The event is planned for May 2-3 and we’re looking for your help. We need people to run workshops, decorate the space, and spread the word through their own personal networks. On Tuesday night you can hear all about the relevant details and sign up to help. You need not be a member to help out.

Wednesday, (26 March @7-9pm) – Back by popular demand, I’ll be teaching another Spray Painting Space Scenes workshop. Sign up via this Event Bright link: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/painting-space-scenes-registration-9451598987?aff=fb. Check out the the Quelab flicker feed from the previous class. You can see everyone is having an AWESOME time! http://www.flickr.com/search/groups/?m=pool&w=1645712%40N24&q=spraypaint

And of course there are many other projects in the works:
– Aquaponics groups meetings
– Tetroon build
– Photography project: “Facial hair of Quelab”
– 3-D printer
– New Laser cutter installation
– and much, much more!

See you in the space!
-Greg, Quelab Prez