Rocket Mass Heater Followup

Following up on the Rocket Mass Heater class which we hosted in collaboration with ABQ Old School, here are the photos from the class. We had fifteen people show up to hear the basic theory on making Rocket Mass Heaters, and get some hands-on time with the materials.

On the first day, Brett gave us hands-on experience with the J-Tube concept, and the physics of lateral burning; and on the second day we got muddy mixing cob adobe.

Rocket Stove

Folks looking for pointers and help on how to build a rocket mass heater are suggested to check out the RMH forums at both and, or to reach out Brett.

And without further blathering, here are the pictures!

And as promised, the links from Low Tech Magazine about Tile Stoves and from Mother Earth News, on building a backyard oven. Brett’s suggested supplier for Firebrick is Kinney Brick down off Second Street, south of Rio Bravo.