January 2015 Build Night with MakeyMakey

Quelab has held the first of our two Build Nights with MakeyMakey! We got people introduced to the MakeyMakey unit, learned how to hook them up, and about how the 11 keyboard inputs and 6 mouse inputs could be used.

Next week on Wednesday January 28th from 7pm-9pm Quelab is having another build night so bring your ideas and things to try!



Some of the things people tried out with the MakeyMakey were copper scrubbers, carrots, bananas, touchscreen gloves, ear piercings, silvered plastic spoons, tap shoes, playdough, twizzlers, and connecting to Android and a OTG USB cable to input for Google Cardboard.

Most of these were used with premade “scratch” programs from http://scratch.mit.edu/.

We also tested using two MakeyMakey on one Chromebook laptop.  There will be more to try next week including making some pressure switches, and trying to control motors with them.
Want to try out the MakeyMakey yourself? Come down next week on Wednesday January 28th from 7pm-9pm to Quelab. No experience required! Bring anything you’d like to try out, and we’ll have plenty of fun things to share too.


See more photos here.