Instructables Build Night Report, and another in April

Instructables from the January build nights are up, and one of ours was chosen as a featured article for the technology section!

Quelab submitted two Instructables for projects from our build nights with Instructables January 2015 Build Night with MakeyMakey.

Adric wrote up his project, Makey Makey to Android For Google Cardboard Input,and was picked for a featured article in the technology category (in upper right corner).

more microfame.


I created my very first Instructable, MakeyMakey Tap Shoes, after the January Build night. I was surprised at how easy it is to write an Instructable, the interface is very quick to figure out.



More build nights to come! Quelab has been accepted for April 2015 Build Night with InstaMorph. We are one of just 30 hackerspaces and makerspaces to be accepted for this event. InstaMorph is a lightweight thermoplastic polycaprolactone(PCL) material. You might be familiar with some other thermoplastics such as Friendly Plastic and Shapelock.

In mid-April there will be another build night where Adric will share what he’s learned about how to use InstaMorph, and you’ll have the opportunity to try your own ideas and techniques… and maybe even try writing an Instructable yourself!