Support Quelab! Buy Stuff!

Help us support Quelab when you buy stuff from Amazon. Click on any of the following links when you start shopping and a portion of your purchase price will go to Quelab and enable us to buy cool things for the lab, no matter what you purchase! You just have to start on one of the items below.

So, while you’re going through your wish list, or your ‘gimme’ list, consider Quelab:

Consider purchasing a Lab Coat, to be a stylish mad scientist; if functional is more your thing, try out a set of Yellow Chemical Protection Coveralls. If you’re thinking about projects to build over the holidays, try out Lego Mindstorms (Device, Books) or even general Science Education materials.

If you’re thinking more outside the box, you can see what they’ve got for Electronic Components, buy those resistors and transistors and batteries to build the robots! (Pretty much everything in the Industrial & Scientific section is eligible for our associates links, even this spool of 1.75mm Blue Glow in the Dark ABS Filament).

And if you’re interested in that Black Friday, or Cyber Monday thing…try Amazon’s official Black Friday Deals Week link-thing.

.. wait. there’s such a thing as an Inflatable Beard?

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