April Community Meeting


I hope everyone had a fantastic April Fool’s Day yesterday, and hopefully the internet didn’t prank you too much. The following message is not a prank!

The coming April Community Meeting is scheduled for 12 April 2015, starting at 4:00PM. We will be having a potluck (so bring something to share), and then starting at 5:05PM our community meeting will begin. We will be going over our most recent event (Hack all the Things!), review the calendar of upcoming events, and hearing back the first results from our Elections and Inclucivity policy taskforces. Once the meeting is done we’ll be phasing into our Yuri’s Night celebration and a space-themed Hack night.

A link to the meeting agenda is found on our wiki. If there is anything you would like to discuss, please let an officer know and they will put it on the list.

Yuri's Night