Hack All The Things Recap and Photos

Quelab’s open house, Hack All The Things, was last weekend. The event was as resounding success with over 250 people attending! Many people hacked lots of things!


There were lasers and robots, as well as 3-d printing, a hackathon, drones, molten aluminum, an auction,  the grand unboxing of our GE Chillhub hackable fridge, and a project to make your own wearable led lapel pin. Several Quelab members were showing different projects they had made, including robot walkers and lightsabers. Two food trucks, some tables and chairs in the shade, and a kids play area were there when it was time for a break.

See even more pictures on flickr.


Special thanks to:

Quelab members
Girl Scout Troop #59
FlytCam Motion Pictures
and to all of our wonderful volunteers who helped make Hack All The Things happen!