2016 Annual Election Recap

Last night, we held our Election Party at Tractor Brewing Wells Park; we had a good turnout of Quelab members. Going into the party at 7PM we had 27 voters request electronic voting codes, which meant we needed only 27 voters to vote in person to make our quorum of 54 votes. We had 12 votes cast in-person, so a mad-dash to get 15 more electronic voters coincided with a convenient extension of the voting period to allow us to keep the polls open until 9PM and get a total of 58 voters through the system.

Using OpaVote to conduct a Scottish STV count, we entered in the in-person votes and ran the tally. Twelve candidates, 49 ballots, and ten rounds of vote allocation, reallocation, and candidate elimination, the final result came down to John Benedetto (JT), Don Menning (Gönner), Charel Morris, and Craig Goldsmith (Zoot) winning seats on the Board of Directors.

For those of you interested in the nitty-gritty of the breakdown, the summary is as follows:

  • Charel received enough first-choice votes to be elected in the first round, and breaking the threshold of ten votes. *WINNER*
  • As Charel received too many votes, they were reallocated to Zoot, Rebecca, JT, John, Ben, Darren, and Gönner in the second round.
  • Zoot received enough reallocated votes to surpass the threshold be elected in the second round. *WINNER*
  • Zoot’s extra votes were reallocated to John and Ben in the second round. Andrew, Ben, John, Jeremy, Darrel, and Morgan were eliminated in the fourth through eighth rounds. Their votes were reallocated to JT, Darren, and Gönner.
  • Gönner went over the threshold in the and he was elected in the ninth round. *WINNER*
  • Rebecca was eliminated, and her votes were reallocated to Darren and JT. This put JT over the threshold, and he was elected in the eleventh round. *WINNER*

As all four seats were filled, and there were no further allocations to be made, and the rounds completed.

Congratulations to our new Directors: Charel, JT, Gönner, and Zoot.