A little vacuum forming. 3

Lastnight during hacknight we played a little bit with the small (5×5) vaccumformer (DentiFormer) i picked up off of craigslist. Its heater coil is burned out, and we didn’t have any of the proper thermoplastic sheets for it, but hunting around the lab we were able to find some various disposable meal containers, and water bottles and milk jugs to try. we used the heat gun in loo of the heater working, it was all just trial and error, but by the end of the evening Morgan had done 2 pretty good vaccuforms (they didn’t get photographed). but here is some of our playing with it.

These and more photos Here!
Im going to work on replacing the heater, and look for better blanks. so it may be a few months, but what would you like to try vacuforming? I think there is great potential for vaccuforming things off of 3d printed moulds! Sometime soon I’m going to try to make a steampunk pendant that holds my bluetooth headset. If threes enough interest we could always build a bigger one!

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