Please donate what you can, Quelab Member/Community 3d Printer Project.

And we are LIVE! Quelab’s 3D Printer Project is up on Indiegogo and we have 28 days left now!

Share the below link and don’t forget to donate!

Even if we hit our goal, we have plans to buy extra filament, or build multiple extruders, or add a netbook to the system for ease of use/portability. So please give what you can! And share the link!

As of 1 January (with 22 days left) we hit our first official stretch goal: $1100, meaning our printer will have ten different colors available!

As of 8 January (with 15 days left) we are still working towards getting enough to build a second printer for experimentation purposes. After re-evaluating our current printer expertise, we haven’t built a two-head printer before, so rather than mess up the public-use printer, we’ll use the extra funds to build an experimental printer to do the testing with the dual-head before upgrading the public printer with this awesome feature.

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