My, how time flies.

The time has come to start working on the agenda for the February General Meeting, currently scheduled for 3 February 2013 at 16:30.

The main items which are on our agenda every month are our Financial Report, our Task Force reports (currently 3D-Printing and New Location), and our 3-month Calendar Review. If there is anything you would like to bring up to the leadership of the group, please let us know via email, or by posting it in a comment here.

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As always, there will be pizza for a $5 donation, and the meeting will be followed by our regularly scheduled hack-night.


2 Responses to February General Meeting

  1. Aaron Birenboim says:

    We do not seem to have ANY events on the calendar for the remainder of January.  Is there nothing going on?  Networking meetings (packet party)?  First board game night?  I guess I could schedule a last minute intro-to-arduino night…  how much lead-time would we need for some minimal marketing, and an EventBrite page?

  2. Gregmoran says:

    Howdy. I made some changes to the meeting agenda. There was LOTS of awesome stuff going on in Jan. and even more to plan !