New Event! Board Game Night 2

Here’s a return of an old standby which we wanted to bring back at Quelab: Board Game Night. Come join Quelab memeber Geoff Nicholson who will be opening the space and bringing out his collection of multi-player boardgames, but we invite you to bring your own. Our next board game night will be Monday, 21 January at 1930.

Whether it’s a ‘German’ style game (Agricola, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico), a Strategy game (Risk, Axis and Allies), a Deck-Building Game (Dominion, Thunderstone, Ascension), a card-based game (Pit, Fluxx, Ratsplatter), or just a fun romp (Zombies, Gother than Thou, Gloom, Cards Against Humanity) come on down and play some games!

And if you’ve got a game you want to try out, or a favourite which you need more people to play again, bring them along too: the more the merrier!

2 thoughts on “New Event! Board Game Night

  • Aaron Birenboim

    Attendance by Quelab regulars has been… well…  zero.  The space can be very uncomfortable on winter nights, too.  Although Adric suggested that we could try to keep the space around 50F from Sunday hacknight to Monday game night, I’m still leaning toward canceling game night.  I have been the only Quelab attendee.  Unless somebody else wishes to host the event, I think it should be put on hiatus, at least until the weather warms up, or we want to try it in a new space.

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