Weekday Workshop: Learn to Knit

Everyone you know is knitting like a boss and you want to get in on the action, but aren’t sure where to start. Or, no one you know can knit and you want to be the trailblazer. Or, there was that one time you tried to learn to knit, failed horribly and swore that you would conquer knitting someday. Well, that day is here, my friend.

January 30 come get your knit on at Quelab. We’ll teach you how to cast on, knit a rocking pot holder and bind off. All in two hours. Yes, that’s right. You’re going to finish a knitting project in two hours. We’ll provide needles, yarn and know how. You come with your swank self and get your knit on.

Eventbrite - Learn to Knit in Two Hours