Weekend Workshop: Intro to Blender

Join Quelab member Kevin Wood as he gives us an introduction to using Blender (a popular 3D modelling software package) and how to do your own 3D scene modelling.

  • This will be a Crash course in not only 3D modeling, but texturing, lighting, and rendering. We will create and render a complete scene!
  • Must bring your own computer, can be Windows, Mac, Linux or FreeBSD. (Netbooks and low end laptops discouraged)
  • 3 or more button mouse highly encouraged, keyboard with numpad is also highly encouraged.

The latter is due to the advanced features which we will be taking advantage in Blender; the number pad and the mouse-wheel make using the software to it’s fullest extent very much easier. More RAM and processor power is also better, as rendering takes a goodly amount of resources. While it is possible to do without, it makes it take longer!

Eventbrite - Intro to Blender/3D Modeling

Join us on 9 February at 1pm for this class which will go through a rendering complete scene. This class will probably take the full three hours. You can download the full Blender suite here (current version is 2.65a).