Weekend Workshop: Intermediate Homebrewing

CarboyBeer. Mead. Cider. Each of these beverages have a number of things in common, but first and foremost: Yeast. This little microbe has so many tasty uses, we will gladly consume it’s products.

The other thing these libations have in common is the time-consuming process… and the delicious results. This mostly-lecture class will discuss the history of beer, and then the finisher will be showing you the process on how YOU can make your own libations, and how you can use the insatiable appetite of yeast to your own purposes.

Eventbrite - Brewing 102

On Saturday, 23 February at 1PM, we will start a batch of a Partial Grain Ale, and talk about the history and process of making beer. As an added treat, the product of our last class will be available for tasting.

Hooray Beer!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This class is 18+; NM Statute only restricts the manufacture of alcohol for sale, and the sale of alcohol to minors (21-). This generally is considered to mean that all adults can make alcohol in quantities suitable for personal consumption (aka ‘culinary purposes’); YMMV.

(Photo from Joshk@wikipedia cc-by-sa)