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Our organizing meeting will be Sun 3 March during Open Hack Night(7-10pm). BUT – please feel free to contact me before that! … bandit

More info on Hackerscouts:

Dear Maker Families,

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce an addition to our programming. At Hacker Scouts, our mission has always been very clear to us. While our Guild must maintain an age limit to encourage and support complex concepts and skill building at a developmentally appropriate level, Open Lab has always remained all ages. We really try in Open Lab to always have at least one or two activities that can be modified for our younger Makers and engage whole families.

We hear fairly regularly, however, from parents who would like to have a more consistent experience like Guild for their younger children. When we joined the fiscal umbrella of the School Factory, we merged with Maker Scouts but kept our name. We are now pleased to announce that Maker Scouts lives on! A fully developed program for ages 4-8 that meets weekly, Maker Scout Guilds will focus on STEAM concepts and activities, and build confidence in our youngest makers. It will also give them a solid foundation for when they are old enough to graduate into a Hacker Scouts Guild. Go here to read more!

We are currently looking for leaders for our Oakland and South Bay Maker Scouts Guild. If you are interested, please let us know. Also, we are very close to securing a location for the South Bay Hacker Scouts Guild and hope to be starting next month!

We are also in the process of forming Guilds in Seattle, Los Angeles and Brookville, MD (just outside the Washington DC Metro area). If you are in these locations (or know someone who is) and would like to be involved, contact us!

Reminder: Open Lab is this Sunday 2/17 from 2-5pm! Awesome Wood Gliders that soar incredibly high, beautiful Handmade Books, and amazing Tesla Coils!

I also want to introduce two newer members of our team:
Jarick Cammarato joined us from Maker Scouts as our Director of Youth Outcomes,and is the Guild 003 leader in Charleston SC.
Jean Kaneko from the Exploratory in Los Angeles joins us as Director of Maker Scouts. She and her team have an extensive background in early childhood education and Making, and we will be working closely to consistently align the two programs.

Finally, we are migrating to new websites: hacker-scouts.org and makerscouts.org up and almost complete! Thanks for your patience as we get all the information posted.
If you have any questions or interest in any of our programs, please contact us!
Samantha Cook
Executive Director, Hacker Scouts

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