Tuesday’s Hacknight Notice! 2

Looks like we will be gearing up to do a few little group projects, so having a few extra folks around for tonight’s hacknight could be handy.

Project1: We will have a small stack of hdd’s we need to yoink the magnets out of and pull the platters. there is a limited time window i have been approved for having these drives before they are destroyed, so if you have never taken apart a hard disk drive or have any interest in seeing what can be done with the bits, please show up, and if you can being some torq screwdrivers(those funky little star bits), T10, T8 and T6 are the most common, We have a few sets of drivers/bits around Quelab, but more would be good.

Project2: Polishing plastic lightpipe/fiberoptic cables, for this.

http://quelab.net/wordpress/?p=101 and


If we have enough folks we can do both at once.

There are also any number of other projects, including finishing up many little maintenance tasks, soldering some of the various kits ive brought in, helping come up with the perfect application of a rfid, reader and tags, and a huge bin of junk for anyone/anyone to scavenge/takeapart/sort.

Hope to see some folks there,

Tuesday night 7pm-10pm
1112 2nd Street NW (use Driveway side door)

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