Explore LEDs Recap


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We wrapped up LED month with a bang last Saturday at Explore LEDs! To everyone who were there, I hope you had as much fun as I did! For those who couldn’t join us, pictures and full recap after the jump.

People making cool things with LEDs!

It was was great to see so many people getting creative with LEDs! Folks were making everything from LED necklaces to LED frisbees.

One of the many awesome pieces of LED jewlery made that night!

Wearable LEDs were particularly popular. Everyone seemed to be wearing at least one LED. By the end of the night, some folks were wearing dozens!

Electric pickle!

Adric showed us how, using a couple of forks and enough electricity, a pickle can be turned into an OLED.

Instant relaxation

Those who were looking for a calmer experience with LEDs got a chance to relax with the Mind Machine.

Frisbee long exposure

With so many LEDs around, light painting was a must.

Spoke POV

It was also great to share the projects we’ve worked on during LED month!

Thanks again to Jesse from LED to the Light for bringing along a bike trailer full of LED-goodness. He will be opening his store on Central soon, be sure to stop by!

Most importantly, thanks to everyone who came out! Your participation and enthusiasm made the night awesome!

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