Are we a Do-ocracy? 2

First off, I’m blogging this as a member of Quelab because I think its good food for thought, it is not as of this time official Quelab policy or a Board decision.

Co-opted from a post on mail list, by Ross Smith at, and also referenced here and many other places.

“We call it “Do-Ocracy” – rule by the people who get off their asses.”

I kinda chuckled at that, and stashed it away as one of those cute things to think about. But as I mulled it over I realized its very much something I think is a concept and a community we need to embrace. I’m not a fan of big manifestos, motivational speeches or even power/ruling, but when it comes down to it as a concept, I think its a good one. I want to watch Quelab grow into something bigger and more fantastic than my dream is.

I want to preface this by saying we formed a board with Gabe as the head, this was not not to load him up with responsibility, but to serve as a guiding mind, and as a point where yes/no decisions can be ultimately made that will hopefully keep all members happy. This is intended to supplement that ideology, and encourage folks to think and do more.

Quelab is a space, its is malleable, it is designed to become what the members want it to be! Its current bent is typically towards the physical/electronics projects, but that is only because the active members are interested doing such things. There has been talk of brewing, and crafting, and art, and many other types of activities, but as of yet no one has stepped up and done them. I think its partially due to the busy schedules of folks involved, there may be an element of shyness or laziness, but its also I think somewhat due to people feeling like they need a full consensus before starting things.

I think we in general folks are trained from the ground up in school, and in work, to do work as assigned, very rarely is creativity or initiative, especially un-structured creativity encouraged or even solicited. and I’m not even talking about the big stuff. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start, so even that is an achievement in its self.

I think Noisebridge’s wiki page on Do-ocracy sums it up pretty well. “Do-ocracy: If you want something done, do it, but remember to be excellent to each other when doing so.”

As I said before, I think as a community, its a meme worth spreading. We are all guilty of wishing for things to happen, and possibly being sad or annoyed that they don’t. I’m not talking just about Quelab, its a universal condition. and can sometimes feel like its not worth putting out the effort to try. But as makers, hackers, and geeks. We are already doing more than many of our fellow humans just out of our own love of learning and understanding. I think you as a creator & do-er you deserve the respect and admiration. At least by us your peers. We need to showcase our friends achievements. And be mindful when folks step up and do, and help where you can!

Now that I have vented about that, its time for me to get my photos together and start up on my Instructable and article on building the Van De Graaf static Generator we built last month!

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2 thoughts on “Are we a Do-ocracy?

  • Gabe Ortiz

    I think we’re still at the stage where our primary challenge is just getting people to participate, and we haven’t yet run up against organizational challenges that more active/larger spaces have. And while I hope to eventually get large and successful enough that we have to worry about conflicting ideas and creative activity I think it’s also important to enjoy this stage where anything is possible and we’re limited only by time and energy.

  • Adric Menning

    I agree completely. Although I’m kinda thinking that much as how “A place to make things” has worked its way into how we describe the place. I think the concept of unabashedly trying/doing things needs to become a part of Quelab’s contribution to the community.