March of the Robots Recap

Meet ripple, Craig's centipede-bot.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our March of the Robots event last Saturday for making it our best event yet! More pictures and full recap after the jump.

Making brush-bots

We gave everyone the basic materials to make bristle bots, as well a a variety of other materials to modify and decorate the bots. As always, it was great to see what everyone made.

Brush bot

Evidence that adding a googly eye to something automatically makes it better.

Once we had the bots we had to give them something to do. Naturally, it called for a brush-bot battle tournament!

Trophies for the top 3

Further evidence that adding googly eyes to something automatically makes it better.

Our top three won these trophies, as well as guest passes to our weekly events!

Special thanks to Marlow Weston and Craig Goldsmith for bringing their robots to Quelab. They were a blast!

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