Some thoughts on Sustainability.

I’m not the best spokesperson for Sustainability, I like my gadgets, I like things! I’m a fairly frugal guy, and a pretty conscientious consumer, and an occasional recycler. But like all of you I suspect, when it comes down to the nitty gritty truth. There are a lot of green things I don’t do, or if i do them I don’t regularly do them. I cringe a little when it comes down to being a good steward of this planet. I toss things i should recycle, I buy things I don’t need, I tear things apart to learn about them and often don’t know what to do with the bits. Some of it is laziness. Sometimes its just silly how many hoops one has to hope through to do the right thing, once one has even figgured out what the right thing to do is!

I think we all feel a bit overwhelmed by trying to do the right thing but not blowing our free time to do it. And also the nagging question of what is really the right thing to do comes to mind, what happens to your recyclables once they reach the curb? Once you drop off and pay the $10 fee for that old tv you were given? Even things where the manufacturer takes back the product like printer cartridges? Do you get this feeling that they are just making another buck off of you after the highway robbery of the cartridge you just had to buy? What is the right thing to do?

Today Earth Hacker had an article. Earth Day is Passe…Or is It? And this slideshow of “13 green lifestyle people” Which got me thinking, I do think about sustainability, and shopping local year round, but the Earthday thing is a good reminder to take a little tally of the past year, did you do a little better than last year? And perhaps blogging about my flaws, and successes might take a bit of the bittersweet apathy and fear away.

I know I am, not only am I trying to be more careful with what I buy, and lowering my utility costs. I’m recycling more, I’m buying more locally, More of my house is scheduled, automated, and I’m tinkering more at Quelab, both on renewable things, upcycling things, but just pooling resources and frugally shopping at thriftstores for the needed things helps recycle/upcycle and reuse!

Another thing I’m doing for in the spirit of sustainability, I’m donating a pile of gadgets Gizmos and things to Quelab’s Big Yardsale April 30th 8am-12pm, Come on down, Buy Sell, Trade Whatever! just come and tell all your friends/Clubs/Co-workers. This wont work unless everyone tries a little bit more than last time.(philosophically both for the micro scale (yardsale) and on the macro scale for the planet!)

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