Last Hacknight before the big Event.

Remember the Quelab semiannual yardsale is Saturday!! Even if you don’t have anything to swap, sell donate or show off, we would love to see you and everyone you know down to come pick through the stuff! You wont see stuff like this just about any other place! You can tell your children you were there!!! Its 8am-11ish 04/30/11! Be there!

Tonight is the LAST Hacknight before the event’s! We need warm bodies helping finish projects, test builds, troubleshoot hazards, and sort through our junk!

Anyway I digress.
Tonight we wrap up the ideas and projects we have planned to demo to the public Saturday 2pm-6pm (after the Yardsale). Times like this its always good to reflect over all the ideas, and or supplies that you had but just didn’t have the hu-manpower/time to complete. Some of these projects I’m sure will live to see another day, some probably wont. We had a bout 40 solar yardlights, just begging to be hacked, we had a old portable typewriter and a few novel ideas on how to make it a HID device, stacks of untabbed solar cells just begging to be a panel, as tack of 12v gel-cell batteries, looking for a electric bike, a electric scooter needing a tire, and a new throttle control box wiring. And coultless other projects that just didn’t make the cut.

How can you help out? First off, we need more folks involved! We rarely have more than a few people down for hacknights. and thats not enough critical mass to both keep the place open and to really collaborate (Que-lab-orate)

If you can’t make it down to Quelab, think about your friends and co-workers, is there someone who would benefit from having a tinkering space, a workshop full of tools, a small group of very fun and dedicated problem solvers? If so tell them they need to come down, at least for the events listed above, and ideally for more of our hacknights!

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