Hacknights continue to be fun, but still need more folks!

The past few months hacknights have only netted a few full projects, I built a new stereoscopic blueprint paper pinhole camera, A guest came in to have me help him build an ozone generator to air out a smoked in apartment he rents. And we have had visits from a 1/2 dozen interesting folks around town.

There was also progress on the makerbot. Speaking of 3d printing, The Stephen Colbert report, had Bre Pettis on with his thing-0-matic on Wednesday, Watch it here!

For For July we are going to be trying out projects involving Air, Sky, and Space, sofar we have a few ideas, but would love to have everyone participate. Anyone interested in aerial photography (kite, balloon, rockets?), how about Astronomy, or gliders? or engines? or countles things i have not even thought of yet?

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