Sunday Hacknight Recap

Mind you this was only from my point of view. There were others banging away on code and soldering away on their Peggy led board.

I finished 3 small projects, I will quickly outline them here.

Ive been playing lots with alternative process photography, and one of the mediums ive been working with is blueprint paper. which takes days of sunlight to work in a pinhole camera. Which got me to wondering how many hours of good sunlight do we have currently? i could look up sunrise/sunset info online but that wont tell me about the cloudy hours. the cameras themselves can do it but you have to develop it to see how that day was. so i thought one good use for those 30 or so Solar yardlights we have, would be to pull the solar cell. and slap it on a small 1.5v clock, i will see tonight how good it was, but I will see how far its gone from 12:00, one problem with the system is if its over 12 hours of sun, one risks wondering if it was just a few non cloudy hours. but i think looking out a window once in a while coudl tell me this. It could also be used to determine solar aray placement and calculations.
DSC_3319.JPG DSC_3322.JPG

2nd project was trying out my first Arduino, and seeing if i can interface it to i probably should have worked in some
the RFID readers we have laying about, all in all it was pretty simple. I used this article as a guide. The tricky part was getting linux arduino-ide that supported the Arduino uno installed on my netbook. which also took a few minutes googling and manual install of a few DEB packages. Now to decide what to do with it! Test rfid blocking? spoofing? setup a login/access control?

3rd project was also just for fun, making Ferro-magnetic Silly Putty Works great, its just about as messy as the Instructables says, Probably should have worked in a little of the black iron oxide, and added more and worked it in and added more… dumped it all into a pocket and worked it in, might have used too much powder, because its a little stiff now and still sometimes makes your hands gray. going to add a 3rd lump of putty tonight and see. Its fun watching it eat magnets!

DSC_3332.JPG DSC_3329.JPG DSC_3330.JPG

We also got visited bit a small cadre of enthusiastic budding tinkerer/hackers, they are working on their own RepRap 3d printer, and a place to use it when done, i think we have perhaps made a good match!

Please, if any of this interests you come on down, if not! let us know what would get you out of your house and come on down!

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