May Events

Here is a quick list of important things coming up,

Friday May 3rd 6-9pm, 2600 meeting, this a very loosely organized event, where folks can come talk/tinker with technology, what’s its, and more, and mostly just a social event.

Saturday May 4th,at Roborave. (See We need volunteers for the table – say 2 hour shifts. Bring your stuff to show/demo. There will be *lots* of kids. We will have electricity. 8am – 4pm. Albuquerque Convention Center. Free parking at the Wells Fargo lot. (contact board at our domain name, if you can help)

Sunday May 5th, 4:30-6:30 Quelab planning meeting, where we discuss the day to day stuff, plus we discuss a new location, our needs/wants list, and trying to find more types of classes/workshops, and planning for the big yardsale next weekend.

Thursday May 9th, 7pm-9pm? Packet party, this is a interactive workshop on networking packet inspection/tracing/tinkering. this is a monthly group meet.

Saturday May 11th, 9am-noon the big community swapmeet/yardsale bring things to sell/trade, or just come help us by buying our spare stuff! if you have spare tables to bring that would be great, members/community and more are welcome to sell their stuff, donate whatever % of the sale you feel like. the only rule is please don’t just drop off and leave stuff! our last few have been great!

As always, Tuesdays and Sundays 7pm-10pm are the official Hack/Makenights, when anyone can come on down and be a part of the maker community making things. Those nights are getting busy enough, if we have a few regulars who are interested in manning another night/day let us know.

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Local, Geek Of All Trades. Serious Supporter of Quelab and hacking/making things. Boardmember at Quelab and all around scrounger!