Safe Non-Fire Fireworks!

What with a large fire danger, and all the people worried about fireworks, i wanted to share with you all one of my favorite simple science demos.

Milk color explosions!

You will need:
A plate or wide flat shallow bowl, (depth is not really needed much
Whole Milk, (it can be about to expire, heck it could probably be expired, but might smell better if not!)
Some food coloring droppers
A little dish detergent, and a toothpick (toothpick is optional)

The above video does a good job of demonstrating it, but we have found if you get a gob of detergent on the toothpick you can poke it in multiple places to create color explosions all over the place. and sometimes when it looks like the effect is diminishing, all it needs is a little fresh soap.

Try making different patterns in the milk first. also Ive found teeny drops of color are better than huge puddles.

Send us links to your photos if you (or your kids) try this!

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