3D Printer Hall Of Fame

Quelab's 3D Printer

Say hello to Quelab’s new, crowed funded, Prusa Mendel 3D Printer.

The following is a list of the awesome people who helped make it happen (in no particular order):

James Fowler

Jason Andrews

Bandit Gangwere

Eric Renz-Whitmore

Juli Fowler

Jezzri Cochrane

Kenneth Hargis

Charel Morris

Mike Moran

John Hawley

Adric Menning

Mark Costlow

Geoff Nicholson

Brandy Yeazell

A Oliphan

Marissa Perez

Peter Oliphant

Nancy Fryeweaver

Evan Locke

Jason Foutz


Alex Duno

Arun Rodrigues

Anthony Giancola

Walter Duran

Josef Prusa