Event: Steampunk It Up – Saturday August 20th 2

Steampunk Goggles!

This month we’re celebrating everything Steampunk at Quelab!  Steampunkers, if you’re unfamiliar, try to imagine what the modern life would look like if technology had stopped in the Victorian era (think Wild Wild West).  Here’s a recent Alibi article on Steampunk. Join local Steampunk fans as we share our Steampunk creations. Bring your Steampunk costuming, jewelry, and/or toy-weapon supplies to work on, or trade for what you need.  We will provide an array of adhesives/tapes, spray paints, clays, friendly plastic strips, metal/cloth scraps, beads, cogs, batteries and LED’s to give your project some spark!  5-10pm Saturday, August 20th.  $10 for non-members, kids under 12 are free.

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