Crowd Fund This Event Recap

First off , thank you to everyone who presented or attended the “Crowd Fund This” event last Saturday!  We loved hearing about some of the projects people are working on and enjoyed sharing our real world experiences.

As for the workshop itself, we covered the All or Nothing vs Winner Take All models of crowdfunding and went over common sense strategies that are universal, such as having a good plan, building your networks,  pricing it right,  beating the bushes, and following up.  We are glad to see there was interest in the sharing of this type of information.

R. Hunter Gough’s slides for the 1st half of the workshop can be seen here. Includes a great handy dandy table!

Eric Renz-Whitmore’s slides for the 2nd half of the workshop can be seen here (includes the handout of links).

We look forward to our future classes and would also love to hear about any of the attendees’ crowdfunding campaigns!  As always, you can contact us at, or leave a comment below!

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