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Terry Holt is a local Albuquerque maker who I met three weeks ago. He’s got an extensive background in engineering, but these days he’s working on (among other things) a portable structure he can tow behind his car and use to camp in relative comfort!

His first version was designed out of foam insulation.  He chose it as his material to prototype the design because it is light weight and easy to work, with the plan to eventually make the final design out of plywood.  After several months of use he found the strengths and weaknesses in his design. Ultimately he decided to stick with the light weight foam insulation instead of the plywood. This allows for it to be setup and taken down by himself in under 5 minutes and makes for a structure that is probably better insulated than my apartment!

It’s a little rough looking as he has recycled a good bit of his last version into this one.  I admit, with a quick coat of latex paint it might look a little less like a disposable cooler, but leaving it how it is does make it plain to see how it all works.  He had just finished building it, and I have no doubt that with a little spare duct-tape and care this one will last him a while.

Terry recently demonstrated the structure for Quelab members.  He brought it by not to gloat or show off (he’s really not that type), but as an example of the kinds of things he can do if members have ideas they want help making into a reality!

Below is a link to pictures I took of Terry’s project.



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7 thoughts on “Terry’s Amazing Little Camping Trailer

    • Walter

      Yup, that’s what Adric was shooting.  It was pretty cool too watch Terry set it up.  He told me that he took the last version to Canada and slept in it during the wintertime!

  • Adric

    Sorry i didn’t announce it all around,  The Shirt printing was under full swing and I didnt want to distract anyone from Ayron’s awesome screenprinting help.   I also didnt know i was going to be doing it then, terry had shown up the previous Tues, but it was dark getting so he didn’t set it up.  Sunday we had about 30min of useable time when i got there, so figgured id quickly capture the setup, (since he was going to go off and field test it on his way to Chicago this week.   Neat stuff! 

  • Charel

    Terry will be showing his creation at our upcoming Maker Faire on Sept 23. Terry along with a wonderful variety of New Mexico Makers will be on hand to share what they make and many will be giving talks. Also, Quelabs will be on hand to teach you to solder and several other maker projects. 

    Check it out at albuquerque-minimakerfaire.com