Hacknight Recap 2

A quick recap of the Hacknight: Due to being on call for work, I spent a good part of it just doing little things around the lab. I built us a coat rack mostly out of my scrap lumber and parts.  Also rigged us a 15A outdoor extension for back yard power and other kinda maintenance stuff.

Progress was made on a single sensor/light pipe for the Player piano music reader reader (fyi plastic light pipe does not like superglue it melts!) more on this fantastic project Ray blogged about here,

Added some new stuff to the workshop, including a propane torchhead and bottle, and the adapter tube for the large spare propane tank in back. That spark any hot ideas for you?

Speaking of that, anyone got any interest in RFID hacking?

Or,  building some sort of Electric Furnace?

Next Hacknight is Tuesday 7-10pm  come on down!

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2 thoughts on “Hacknight Recap

    • Adric

      Indeed, the keypad I have is standalone, and as far as i know not networkable/database connectible, but perhaps some research into the circuit may indicate otherwise, the paralax readers are just that readers, a fairly 6 component circuit should allow several reading of them or more direct interface with some micro controller systems.

      Drawbacks I see is it would be pretty hard to conventionally convert any of our doors to unlock most electric strike plates would involve a pretty severe doorjamb modification, would be hard to do on the security doors and would render the deadbolt null and void, but could be used for some other access control/clock in/out method.