July Calendar Review

Greetings Quelabbers!

This is a quick reminder for everyone on the blog about the upcoming events in July. We’ve got a pretty active community here, and we invite you to come on down!


What would YOU like a workshop on? Want to teach one? Contact the board!


As a reminder, access to all of these regular events are only $5 per person. (Members get in for Free!)

2600On the first Friday of every month, we host the local branch of 2600 and have a little open-house and roundtable where fans of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly get together and talk shop.


Packet PartyOn the second Thursday of every month, we host a Packet Party. This is a rather free-form, open-format meeting; there aren’t any official materials we will be working from, and there is no set curriculum to be followed. The topics covered are general Network security, monitoring, forensics, and the like.


Hack NightOur weekly Tuesday and Sunday hack-nights are also open-house events. Come on down, bring a project and use the community workshop to further your plans. (World Domination optional)


Albuquerque Mini Maker FaireThe Maker Faire is back! They will be hosting their organizational meetings at Quelab every Wednesday through the Faire itself in September. If you’re interested in helping put on the “Greatest Show (and Tell)” in the state, this is the group to get involved with.



19 July – Explora Adult NightJoin the Explora Science Center for their Adult Night on 19 July. This will give you access to the science museum after-hours and without the hordes of children running around. They have live music and live Astronomy going on as well.


Quelab is a Community, and we welcome events every night of the week, and every day of the month. If you have an idea for a workshop, or want to host an event, please let us know! Past events have been board game nights, brewing classes, screen-printing, steampunk crafting, Arduino programming, and glass etching. If any of these interest you, let us know; if you have an idea that you think would work for a class, let us know too. Quelab is your space, let’s use it!

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