The Sky is Falling

Greetings everyone! For those of you not in Albuquerque this month, it’s our monsoon season. This means flash-flooding, and fabulous thunderstorms. It also means above average (for the time-period) rainfall and excess winds.

If you are at the lab and you observe leaks or other damage (even non-weather related damage… or just when we’re out of toilet paper) please don’t hesitate to email us at info AT quelab DOT net or leave us a message at (505) 750-4522

If you have photographs of the damage, please send those along, and be as descriptive as you can in the damage report so that we can either fix it ourselves (DIY is a bit of a mantra) or direct the professionals or lessor if it’s a major fault.

Thanks for helping make Quelab YOUR place to make things!

— The (Outgoing) Tsar of Maintenance

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