Quelab Member/Board/Public meeting Sunday 4:30-6:30 03/03/13

Reminder, our usual monthly (First Sunday of the month), planning/info meeting is coming up Sunday. And after that there will be the First meeting of the planning group for Hacker Scouts.

Below is a link to the Agenda, its a work in progress, and as usual the meeting notes will be appended to it. please show up on time 4:30 those who do show will be included in the headcount for pizza.

Hackerscouts: First meeting, 03/03/13 7-10pm

Our organizing meeting will be Sun 3 March during Open Hack Night(7-10pm). BUT – please feel free to contact me before that! … bandit

More info on Hackerscouts:

Dear Maker Families,

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce an addition to our programming. At Hacker Scouts, our mission has always been very clear to us. While our Guild must maintain an age limit to encourage and support complex concepts and skill building at a developmentally appropriate level, Open Lab has always remained all ages. We really try in Open Lab to always have at least one or two activities that can be modified for our younger Makers and engage whole families.

We hear fairly regularly, however, from parents who would like to have a more consistent experience like Guild for their younger children. When we joined the fiscal umbrella of the School Factory, we merged with Maker Scouts but kept our name. We are now pleased to announce that Maker Scouts lives on! A fully developed program for ages 4-8 that meets weekly, Maker Scout Guilds will focus on STEAM concepts and activities, and build confidence in our youngest makers. It will also give them a solid foundation for when they are old enough to graduate into a Hacker Scouts Guild. Go here to read more!

We are currently looking for leaders for our Oakland and South Bay Maker Scouts Guild. If you are interested, please let us know. Also, we are very close to securing a location for the South Bay Hacker Scouts Guild and hope to be starting next month!

We are also in the process of forming Guilds in Seattle, Los Angeles and Brookville, MD (just outside the Washington DC Metro area). If you are in these locations (or know someone who is) and would like to be involved, contact us!

Reminder: Open Lab is this Sunday 2/17 from 2-5pm! Awesome Wood Gliders that soar incredibly high, beautiful Handmade Books, and amazing Tesla Coils!

I also want to introduce two newer members of our team:
Jarick Cammarato joined us from Maker Scouts as our Director of Youth Outcomes,and is the Guild 003 leader in Charleston SC.
Jean Kaneko from the Exploratory in Los Angeles joins us as Director of Maker Scouts. She and her team have an extensive background in early childhood education and Making, and we will be working closely to consistently align the two programs.

Finally, we are migrating to new websites: and up and almost complete! Thanks for your patience as we get all the information posted.
If you have any questions or interest in any of our programs, please contact us!
Samantha Cook
Executive Director, Hacker Scouts

What is a Hacknight? Why should I show up? 1

Its been on my mind for a while that we have been running hacknights here at Quelab about twice a week for over 2 years, And we still get questions as to what “Hacknight is?”

Basically its part OpenHouse, part generic project work time, and part social time to talk about ideas and projects with other folks with diverse backgrounds and experience. (Members can arrange to get in any time, but it helps to get a good mix of members and non members)

During hacknights we invite members and nonmembers alike to come down and start/work on projects, teach, learn, inspire, share resources, and explore.

Another point of contention is what hacking is, We could call it Makenight, or Inventnight, or Craftnight. But we are a Hackerspace, Harking back to the days before hacker meant computer criminal! Back to when people were tinkering and experimenting, building actual radio shacks in their back yard and then building radios to put in them. When we say Hacking/Hacker we are not talking about the news style sensationalists whom are taking down websites or stealing identities and creditcard numbers. We are talking about grass roots inventors, the folks like Steve Wozniak whom built the first apple computer in a garage!

In the mid 90’s RadioShack started to scale back all of the tinkering bits, the diodes, the transistors, the battery packs, and even worse the kits. Folks stopped making and playing and building things and started just buying whole things with tamper resistant screws, glued shut things, with software licenses that made it illegal to see how it works. We aim to be the antidote to that.

Radioshack had a slogan kinda like “You have questions, We have blank stares!” we aim to be the opposite of that, you have questions we are here to help. You have a dead toaster? Come find out what makes it tick(maybe even fix it). You have an idea for how to build a winter planter for starting your garden seedlings, we want to help you with the tools and others to help. You want to build a robot, or a interactive sculpture, or learn to build a home security system, or even just experiment with light, or heat, or cameras, or rockets, recycling, or candy, or yarncraft… Just about anything you can think of we want you to think of ways you can use Quelab to make that happen!

Here is a quick list of some (but by no means complete list of hacknight hacks!)
Fixing: laptops, power plugs, appliances, glasses, cameras, furniture, bikes, cars, printers, locks, silverware, phones…
Making: 3dprinters, casting, soldering, robots, kits, trailers, signs, rugs, props, frames, ion generators, jewelry, steampunk crafts, cameras, fireworks, toys, puzzles, tools, shelves…
Hacking: leds, textiles, tastebuds, toys, game consoles, tvs, monitors, robots, locks, puzzles, gadgets, cameras, linux, microcontrollers, light-bulbs, rockets, bikes, solar, batteries, phones, games, typewriters, musical instruments…

Here is a link to a slideshow of some of the above mentioned hacks over the last few years, to hopefully inspire you!

So with that said, come on down, our Hacknights are currently Tuesday 7pm-10pm and Sunday 7pm-10pm! Our hope is to grow with your help to the point where we can have hack a lot more Hackdays and Hacknights! What would you build?

Solar Jar Workshop (late notice Sorry!)

You too can make these!

Solar Jar workshop at Quelab tomorrow(thursday) night at 6pm. This hasn’t been advertised at all, and there are very limited seats. We’ll be making these cool jars from solar light components. Please RSVP so we can be sure to hold a seat for you. $15 covers the workshop and supplies.


Looks like its all full up! feel free to comment if you would like to see another workshop on these.

Red Or Green? I choose from NEAR SPACE! Balloon launch prep. 1

red/green ChileHowdy Folks,

I’m checking back in with everyone because we’re in the home stretch of the Space Chile Project(High Altitude Balloon launch and recovery Containing the seeds for tasty tasty green chile!  And cameras, and GPS….). If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past month, please come to hacknight Tuesday so that you can get back up to speed before our first launch opportunity on Sunday, 15 July. I’d like to have all hands on deck to review the operations and checklist information so that everyone will have an idea of what will be going on next weekend. This is especially important for those who will be helping with the set up, filling, launch, chase, recovery, and documentation of the event!

There has been a LOT of work put into this project to date from Ken and the Adler team, Jeremy & J from Mach 30, and all the Quelab hands that have build our first (near)-space craft… I got goosebumps just typing that! A big THANK YOU goes out to all involved! See you Tuesday evening B-)

-Greg Moran

See Balloon Project Forum

Hacking Chocolate links, and info! 8

Here are links, and recipes, and photos from this last evenings awesome “Hacking Chocolate: event!

Photos of the event can be seen here, or in the slideshow below.

Here is a link to the instructions for the Hot Chocolate & Cold Oil  Spherification

Arron had a demo of  the Chocolate Emulsion Mousse,

There was also Our version of the DIY Candy message hearts,

The Hot Chocolate Effect,

Simple Double boiler made out of cheap pet dishes from petsmart, was also demoed for melting/dipping chocolate.

And our Semi Failed experiment to turn a candy-bar into a rocket. Instructable write up here, Ultimately it boils down to the fact we were able to make a working engine using a ground up Milky-Way bar.  But when we replicated it, we used a hersheys bar, and that didn’t work anywhere near as well!  But tonight we did some improvements and got a working test fire.  (This is how science works folks!) you can see the video here

Thank You everybody who made it out!

Also a huge Thank you to The Candy Lady  And to Senior Murphy for providing samples!

Meetings Sunday January 8th!

Quick reminder,  join us for our monthly General Meeting this Sunday and help us out getting this new year off on the right foot!

Big news! We are now a registered NM Non-Profit and we are very close to having everything ready with our 501(c)3 sponsor,  so we need to get hopping on hunting down some donors, and grants!  We need you for that!

Members are encouraged to come sit in on our Board Meeting,  5-6pm

Stay or arrive for some pizza. 6:00-6:30pm

Members and the public are encouraged to come to our planning meeting,  6:30-7:30ish pm

Stay afterwards for hacknight!

This is all at our headquarters, 1112 2nd Street NW!  Be there!




Holiday Hacknight Schedule

Greetings Hackers and Makers!

Just as a FYI Quelab will not be officially open for hacknights Sunday the 25th or Sunday the 1st,  Due to member holiday obligations.  This does not mean the lab has to be closed. But just dont expect it to be open (feel free to drive by and if the open sign is on, there may be someone in there! (or recently was)If there are any bored members who need a place to slip away and hack feel free to post to the members list,  or to the forums that you will have the place open. It will be up to you to make sure the place is locked up at the end of the night.

Otherwise hope to see some of you Tuesday the 27th,  for our post holiday new gadget show&tell / boxingday old gadget give away, and hacknight.

Normal Hacknight schedule will resume January 3rd, and will continue as usual on the Tuesdays and Sundays Schedule (until we get enough critical mass of members and projects to support additional hacknights/hackdays!)

Our next board meeting,(for board and members) Will be Sunday January 8th, 5-6pm,  and our planning/public meeting will be 6:30-7:30  Also on January 8th, please try and come we need input!

As always if you have questions or comments feel free to email us (its in the contact us section)

Event: Crowdfund This! 1

Quelab is partnering up with the New Mexico Tech Council NMTC to do a little workshop/presentation on Crowdfunding. Proceeds go towards funding Quelab for future community events/talks/classes

Crowdfund This!
A Community Fundraiser for Quelab

Crowdfunding or micro funding, has become a popular – and useful – way of raising funds for projects of all sorts, from movies to games, hardware, organizations and more. But while thousands have joined sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to help take their project to the next level, the majority of projects are still not funded.

This workshop will help run the numbers and share what it takes to develop your solid project idea into a good candidate for funding from the wider community. Bringing together experienced pros from several community organizations, you’ll learn:

· Advantages and Disadvantages of different crowdfunding platforms
· Structuring the incentives your provide to your funders
· Budgeting to account for incentives, processing and other fees
· Honing your message
· Promoting your project
· …and more

Saturday August 6th
1:30 – 4:00 PM

Seating is limited reserve yours today Cash or Credit card Accepted $20
Reserve today (its pretty painless, if you want to save the fee, click on other payment options, you can pay cash or card at the door!)

Edit: The session will be at the Harwood Arts Center So we can accommodate more people!
Harwood center is at,
1114 7th Street NW (7th and Mountain), In Albuquerque NM
Basement access is on the Mountain Side