Judo-Bots Saturday 13 July!!!

We are going to do a Judo-bot build on Saturday 13 July at Quelab 1p-4p. Fight the Judo-bots after building them! If you saw the Judo-bot at ACE, you know what they are. See for the build instructions. This is a parent-child (8-14) activity. Kits are $20. We should have an EventBrite up Real Soon Now, or just send an RSVP to board (at) with your name and contact info. See our flicr page around for pictures!

UPDATE: We had a Great turnout of 6 Judo-bot builds! One parent bought a kit at the event for himself! A member brought his two kids at the last minute (Thanks Matt!). The pictures start at – all of the parents and kids had a great time. And thanks to JT for the help.

We *really* want to do a “Teach the Teachers” version of this. If you are a teacher, or a principal who wants this sort of event, please contact the Board (board (at) and I (bandit) will work with y’all to help put an event on.


Judo-Bot event Sat 27 April for kids!

***photos are up!

We are doing a special Judo-Bot build and battle Saturday 27 April at 1-4pm at Quelab! This is for kids 8-14, maximum of 10 kids. Parents are expected to stay and help. Material costs are $10.

We will setup an online registration (probably EventBrite) – check back here for specific information.

See for what we will build.

Plus, a special surprise at the end for those who want to stick around for an extra few minutes!


Updated: Power is Back (was off)

Thru a problem with PNM, the power is out and it will be at least Monday(They said maybe Wednesday) before the power is back on.

So, Sunday Night Hacknight is canceled, along with the organizational meeting for Hacker Scouts. The BoD still needs to decide if we are going to have the General Meeting.

Please check here (this website and the Quelab Facebook page) for more information on Tuesday Hacknight, the Stilts Class, and Sunday General Meeting.

We will have the Hacker Scouts organizational meeting at the Sunday Hacknight on 10 March at 7:30pm.

We are very sad about this and will be dealing with PNM to resolve the problem. We are really sorry about the inconvenience.

***UPdate! Stilts class is still on, the loan of a generator and a inverter/battery power to still do it!

** Update 2: Power has been restored**