Upcoming Events!

Community Yardsale/Swapmeet – Saturday October 20, 7-10am
Quelab is hosting a big Yardsale/TechSwap Saturday! Help us free up some spare space in the lab! We invite all of our friends to come on down. You’re welcome to bring things to trade or sell; all we ask that you donate a portion of your proceeds to Quelab (you decide how much). *Was a pretty big success! Thanks to everyone who helped or attended!!*

Learn to Screen Print – Saturday October 20, 1-3pm
Always wanted to make your own screen printed tshirt, bag, tote, whatever? This is your chance. We’ll teach you how to do it, and we’ll supply the materials. You’ll leave with something you screen printed yourself and the know-how to do it again on your own. Bring something you’d like to screen print, and we’ll provide the rest. *Class was totally sold out, and they had fun!* Photos here! And a Very Cool blogpost by an attendee!

Papercraft Basics – To be Re-Scheduled!
Interested in making paper sculptures? Come learn papercraft basics. Get familiar with materials, develop skills and learn how to make a neat paper sculpture or other project. We’ll have some Halloween themed projects to work on. Due to illness this has been postponed!

DIY Locksmithing – Wednesday November 7, 7-9pm
Learn how locks work and how to pick a lock with one of our experienced members. Click here to register.

Flavor Tripping with Miracle Fruit! – Friday November 16, 7-11pm
Ever want to try miracle fruit? This is your chance. It coats your tongue and makes everything taste sweet. We’ll have miracle fruit tablets and lots of goodies on hand. This is going to be a great time, so come hungry! This is an 18+ event, so plan to relax without the kids. Click here to register.

Volunteer with Quelab at the ABQ Mini-Maker Faire! 1

This Sunday, 23 Sept, is the first annual Albuquerque Mini-Maker Faire, and we want YOU!  Quelab will be featured prominately up front in the Quelab Tent so we need to represent.  We’re looking for volunteers to help set up our area on Saturday afternoon, and then run the tent for 2-hour shifts on Sunday (BTW, if you sign up for more than 1 shift you can get a free ticket to the Faire).  Please contact Greg Moran (gregmoran at gmail.com) to get added to the list.
In addition to general volunteers, we are also asking for folks who can help with a “Learn to Solder” station. All materials and equipment will be provided, so we just need your expertise as “adult supervision.”  Let Greg know if you are interested in contributing to that as well. Thanks, and see you there!

Linux Night

Linux Night is back again Tuesday April 24th at 7pm!  Bring your computer down and our resident experts will help you install, troubleshoot, or answer any questions you have about Linux. You too could learn the power of sudo:

A $5 donation is requested.  See you there!

March of the Robots 2

March of the Robots!

March of the Robots is here. Come build a robot minion during the month of March and we’ll show them off at our March of the Robots event on March 31 from 6-9pm. There’s been talk of BEAM Bots and photo-voltaic awesomeness. Want a Dalek to serve you? We can build that. Want to build a bot that can navigate mazes? We can do that, too. We’ll be working on robot related madness on hacknights all month – Tuesdays and Sundays. Come the end of the month, we’ll be having a public event to show off, build some simple bots with the public and generally have a great robotic time. Craig Goldsmith will be on hand with some hand built 1uffakind robots. They’ll be walking around doing what a robot does.

See the March of the Robots forum for more discussion.

Instructions to build a photovore

Linux Night 1

Tux, the open-source penguin

I’m excited for our next Linux Night on Tuesday March 13th at 7 pm.  They have been popular in the past, and if the turnout at this one is big enough we might make it a monthly event.  Compared to some of the experts around here, I’m still a Linux n00b, although hanging around this crowd has made me into a total open source convert.   I even started installing new distros for fun.  I’m starting to think it might be a problem…




Bring your computer down and our resident experts will help you install, troubleshoot, or answer any questions you have about Linux.  We’re requesting a $5 donation because we enjoy these events and want to keep bringing them to you.  See you there!

Upcoming Workshops Meetings & Events.

Upcoming Workshops Meetings & Events.

Heres a quick rundown, of upcoming stuff at the lab.    We are moving The board & public/members meetings from Thanksgiving weekend, to the Sunday after. Which is conveniently the first Sunday of the month.  Where we are hoping to move the future meetings to.  (this will facilitate many things including membership dues payments and some schedule issues)

Dec 2nd, Local 2600 Hacker Quarterly meeting 6-9pm (free and open to anyone curious about things)
Dec 3rd: Barcamp  After hours Social,  Snacks and beverages,  possibly even beer (donation sugested) hours? 6-9pm?
Dec 4th: 1pm-??  Insulation install fest.  We are going to be learning all about blowing insulation into attics.
5pm-6pm  Board meeting, Quelabs board and any members interested in attending,
6pm-7pm  Public/Planning meeting, public and members encouraged to attend.

7pm-10pm Deck the Lab,  This will be the first workshop where we go over the project, (this will be a 3parter)

Dec 11th 7pm-10pm  Deck The Lab,  We will look into automating holiday lights and music,
Dec 13th 7pm-10pm  TechMas!  This is a craftastic event. last year we had a lot of fun making pretty things from recycled computer parts!
Dec 18th 7pm-10pm  Deck The Lab,  Hopefully finishing up the project!
Dec 20th 7pm-10pm  Techmas part 2,  for all those who could not make part 1, wanted to do more, or need to finish up!

January 1st is when the next public meeting is scheduled.. this may change due to travel/absenteeism.

*Actually November’s meetings a being delayed until probably the 11th of December, Due to Absenteeism!

Swap Meet / Geek Fest November 19th 2

We wanted to do another big community tech yardsale.  Then we got too busy to pull it off.  Now its cold.  so we are going to do it  INDOORS!

Go find your old computers/gadgets/toys!!! and Get ready!

Recycling, Indoor Swap-Meet Fund-Raising to help build our community workspace for learning/teaching about how things work.

Quelab Albuquerque’s Maker/Hackerspace is a great place to tinker with electronics, and to take apart old things and build new and exciting things, its better than recycling, its upcycling. But we are drowning in castoffs spares and other gadgets. Help us empty our closets, and help yourself by emptying out your old closets of unused tech stuff. We are doing an indoor Swapmeet! Rather than standing around in the cold doing a yardsale, we are opening up inside, to host a Recycle your Junk Swap-meet.

Stay warm with Hot Cider and Coffee (Coffee thanks to http://www.aromacup.com/ )

Think of it as a Ham Radio Swap-Meet with even more interesting stuff! Its hard to categorize what all will be there, but a simple list would likely include, computers, laptops, gadgets, books, parts, cameras, optics, radios, toys, printers, test equipment, tools and possibly even furniture, lighting and craft supplies!

This is open to members and the public, everyone is encouraged to bring things to trade or sell! Donate whatever percent of the sale you feel like to Quelab! All Proceeds go towards buying parts supplies, consumables, and other operational expenses.

Meet interesting people who love tinkering with technology

Come/Bring things And tell everyone (especially your crazy uncle with a garage full of old gadgets!)

Further Details:

When: 8am-12pm Saturday November 19th

Where: Quelab, 1112 2nd street NW!

RSVP to sell by coming to Tuesday(8th or 15th) or Sunday(13th) Hacknights, or Email board@quelab.net


Quelab on KUNM’s Children’s Hour!

Last Saturday, our friends Dave and Adric were invited to give a few minutes talk on the radio Saturday morning to talk about Quelab.

This aired on KUNM‘s “Children’s Hour” Saturday Oct-22 9-10am.  You can hear it at about 9:49, you can listen for the next two weeks here.  Here is a more trimmed down audio file:  KUNM_Quelab_Segment.ogg

Thanks to KUNM and the Children’s Hour for having us on!

Quelab’s “Haunted Lab” Haunted House event! Oct 29!

Taking place on Saturday October 29th from 6pm-10pm, Quelab’s Haunted Lab is a special event to showcase homemade Halloween haunted house effects built from recycled and off-the-shelf parts.  We are opening the doors and revealing the tricks and techniques behind making spooky creations.  Come see our recycled spooky bubbling chemistry lab, our animated ghosts, moving severed animated head, other home built robotic animatronics, and our extra spooky ghost cloning techniques, realistic corpses, LED Pumpkins, household silicone creations, and creepy specimens in jars. And much more!

Come on down, find the kid in you that has always dreamed of making fun effects like these. Meet with the makers, and learn the secrets.


Event Details:
Saturday October 29th 6pm-10pm
1112 2nd Street NW
Cost $10 kids under 12 and Quelab members Free!

The following Evening(Sunday 30th),  will have a public meeting at 6-7pm for anyone interested in participating in Quelab or future events,  and after that our Make/Hack-night will be devoted to helping people do some last minute Halloween builds based on things they may have seen in the Haunted Lab! Or costuming work.

Photos The Haunteed Lab, and from this month’s workshops! Check it out!
Whew, down to the wire, but we got alot of our projects and more all done! checkout this nice writeup about it in the Daily Lobo.

See you Saturday!!! Tell Everybody!