March of the Robots 2

March of the Robots!

March of the Robots is here. Come build a robot minion during the month of March and we’ll show them off at our March of the Robots event on March 31 from 6-9pm. There’s been talk of BEAM Bots and photo-voltaic awesomeness. Want a Dalek to serve you? We can build that. Want to build a bot that can navigate mazes? We can do that, too. We’ll be working on robot related madness on hacknights all month – Tuesdays and Sundays. Come the end of the month, we’ll be having a public event to show off, build some simple bots with the public and generally have a great robotic time. Craig Goldsmith will be on hand with some hand built 1uffakind robots. They’ll be walking around doing what a robot does.

See the March of the Robots forum for more discussion.

Instructions to build a photovore

March of the Robots is TONIGHT!

March of the Robots!

Just a reminder that our March of the Robots event is TONIGHT, 6-10pm at Quelab (map). Come check out our cool robot projects and learn build a robot of your own! Robot kits, door prizes, mini battles, and much more! Free to members and kids under 12, $10 for non-members. See you there!

This month at Quelab, is March Of the Robots

The real question is how much can we do involving robotics in one month?

We want to get some fun and exciting projects ready, Some options for you to build your own mini robot minion! We will also have some folks bringing in some creative projects. Not to mention what ever else our members build/find/dust off. Its still early in the month, come to our Sunday or Tuesday Hacknights 7-10pm and come learn/teach/tinker with us!

Robots! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in Silicon Valley!

If you really want you can come in robot costume, although that may be pushing it!

Here is a little linkdump, of interesting robot related blog articles, (will likely grow overtime so check back!

Hack ALL the Things on March 28

Click on the poster for a larger version.

Quelab is having an open house and everyone’s invited!
March 28th, 10am to 5pm. FREE

Come join us in celebrating International Open Hackerspace Day, Arduino Day 2015, and Quelab’s own March of the Robots. Quelab members will be demonstrating robots, lasers, and other projects. There will be others in the New Mexico hacker/maker community joining us. You can see M-Lab casting aluminum, CoderDojo Albuquerque will hold a drop-in hackathon for kids, and ABQ Mini Maker Faire will showcase their stuff.

This is a great chance to check out Quelab as well; we have added more tools and equipment since our grand opening, and of course we’ve been hacking more things as well. The latest arrival is our hackable smart fridge from ChillHub for participating in their Crate Hack event.

March 28th, 10am to 5pm. FREE

“Cooking with Microcontrollers” Talk/Demo/build March, 15th 7-11pm

Mikey Sklar of Truth or Consequences, NM will be showing how to automate your meals with his temperature controller kit. Applications for the temperature controller include:

– crock pot –> sous vide
– hot plate –> temperature controlled cooker
– fermentation chamber (bread, yogurt, tempeh)
– inexpensive cheese/wine fridge
– high efficiency chest freezer to fridge conversion

Kits will be available for sale $60 (assembled $80). After a 30 minute talk of various ways to use the device we will solder them up. (In addition to Mikey, Quelab members are here to help you out getting them together and learning how to solder!)

We would like to get an approximate number of folks attending, if you are going to attend please comment here, or email board @, or RSVP on facebook

This whole month is Robot month at Quelab! (we consider this fine little gadget a cooking robot!) Drop in for a hacknight. and at the end of the month (Saturday the 26th) we will hold a big party for the March of the Robots!

Happy Birthday to Us! Quelab is 4 years old Today

On this date in 2010 We signed the lease on the first location that Quelab opened. We knew at the time it was not perfect, but with less than 7 people onboard we knew this was a community we needed to grow before we could even dream of perfect.

Quelab 1.0 was a quaint little place, a pretty old converted house (previous to us it was used as a flower shop), less than about 1200 sq foot of usable space (billed as 1400), it was quirky, But it let us have a space to “build it and see if the come”. It was not the dozens of people we hoped for but a small trickle. Our first tasks were building workbenches and some shelving, moving in some tables (most scrounged), chairs. By our grand opening party on August 12th (note that date Its when Quelab is going to observe its birthday this year with some Cake and Icecream with the members.) We had some bits of equipment, and we were just starting to make a name for ourselves.

Can’t say the next 4 years were easy, most of the time we were broke and being propped up on donations, and there were many times where we could have just closed the doors rather than digging deeper, We grew at a slow pace, and there was little chance we could reach out far and fast enough to survive on memberships alone. And none of us were good at grant writing, or experienced marketeers.

To survive we turned to what we knew, how to tinker with geeky things and thought we we should share that with the world. So we put on events, LED’s, Attraction, March of the Robots, Sound of the electron, Eco MAcGyver, Air&space, HauntedLab
Swapmeet’s, Steampunk Crafting, Hacking_Chocolate and more. We started hosting the Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire, and the Ignite Talks meetings, We setup booths at Tedxabq, Ace, and various other spaces. We have been toured by Caleb Kraft of Hackaday, we have won several Contests (Inventables, Instructables).

In November of 2013 after more than a year of hunting, Quelab was able to move to the grand Quelab 2.0 Campus we are in now. With over 340 people in attendance at our @nd grand opening (that is a huge increase over the 24 or so people who made it to our first one.) And a membership in excess of 50 members we are still on rocky waters but we have come a long-long way baby!

Thank you Albuquerque Makers, and supporters everywhere!

Happy Birthday Quelab!

Quelab in the Daily Lobo and the Alibi!

Earlier this week, Alexandra Swanberg of the Daily Lobo stopped by Quelab. After taking a tour, she interviewed a few of us about this weekend’s March of the Robots event and about Quelab in general. You can read Alexandra’s great article at the Daily Lobo here.

Our March of the Robots event is also one of the Alibi Picks for This Week. Personally, I’m not as worried about robots enslaving humanity as the folks at the Alibi are. In any case, we’re deeply honored.

We’re very excited for this event! See you there!