Quelab visits AFRL Maker Hub on KAFB

Quelab was approached last month to open some outreach talks with a representative of the local Air Force Research Laboratory(AFRL) and their Maker Hub, (A Makerspace on Kirtland Air Force Base). After talks and a tour of our space, we arranged for a small group tour to be escorted onto the base and see some of the AFRL’s space tech lab space, and then through the Maker Hub, which is a very nicely outfitted small Makerspace right in Western KAFB, which turns out to be open and free for people with base access. (details in a link below)

Opening just last year (2017) they already have an impressive start. The Maker Hub is in a small nondescript brown building on the west end of the base near the tarmac/runways. Inside are nearly a dozen 3d printers, a combination fiber and CO2 Epilog laser cutter, a small CNC, small machine shop, work benches, electronics lab, 2d large format printing, and even a fancy 2 armed red robot torso. So If you are on base much, please give them a look. I know they are looking to expand into a bigger space, which I think will be good for them, as it feels a bit cramped. But at this point I think its utilized low enough (much like we were for the first few years) that the size is not too constraining yet. (not until you have a half dozen people working on big projects)
If you see them tell them we sent you 🙂

Photos from our tour of the AFRL Maker Hub

For information and access

Quelab since its beginning we have always been interested in meeting with,  collaborations and exchanges with other local and world, Makerspaces and  Makers and those who don’t know yet they can be makers!

Here are your Board of Directors’ Election Nominees!

Here is the list of nominees (in alpha order by first name) for the Board of Directors Election taking place this weekend, 2-18-18, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.:

  • Charel Morris
  • Craig “Zoot” Goldsmith
  • Gonner Menning
  • Jack Gilster
  • Jesse Trujillo
  • John “JT” Benedetto
  • Rebecca Snyder

Electronic voting will start Thursday. All active members will receive their ballot via email that day.  All voting will be electronic, there will be no paper ballots this year. If you do not want to vote ahead of time, you are welcome to come to the Election Meeting party this Sunday afternoon, and vote at Quelab; there will be food provided! You will need to have access to your email to get to your voting email from the OPAVOTE system to use your specific voter setup (each one is unique).

A REMINDER: The Quelab by-laws state we MUST reach quorum for voter turnout, which is why we have electronic voting, encourage voting ahead of time, and ask that ALL vote in the Board of Directors’ Election.  You are even free to submit a blank ballot, and NOT vote for ANYONE; that will still count towards quorum!

Vote Ranking – When voting, everyone will be asked to rank all of the candidates that they want to vote for; they can rank as many candidates as they want. Unless they are voting for only one candidate, the votes must be ranked. The votes will be counted using a single transferable vote system.

The Quelab Elections Team

Celeste Gangwere & Josh Pedersen

with volunteer help from Charel Morris & John “JT” Benedetto

Star Wars Fest VI

Reporting by Darren Moody.

Yesterday, for the third year, Quelab participated in the Rio Rancho Library’s Star Wars Fest.  We were able to show off various disciplines that are offered at Quelab and let people know about our space. This year was the event’s 6th (or is that Sith?) occurrence.

As in the past, the event was VERY successful, and of course a very fun to be a part of! The three hours passed by quickly and it was over before we realized it.

A HUGE shout out and thank you to John “JT” Benedetto, Morgan Gangwere, Alice and Patrick Shriver, Darrel Knutson, Eric Lee and Josh Pedersen for volunteering their time and talents in helping Quelab have a presence at this event. A thank you as well goes out to Craig “Zoot” Goldsmith for coming to the event and taking these pictures.

Quelab had its’ (now becoming) standard Star Wars exhibit set up with 3D Printing, prop style lightsabers, combat lightsabers, and various forms of laser cut artwork. However, this year we did something different. Since this event has been so good to us in the past, in terms of new memberships as well as cash and equipment donations, Quelab gave back to the event. Simple and easy X-Wing and TIE Fighter kits (small ones, about 11-13 pieces) were cut on the laser cutter, bagged up, and given to the library. These proved to be VERY popular, as many of the participants came to the Quelab tables and thanked us for making cutting these as they proudly showed off their assembled kits.

Our presence at this event is very much noted and appreciated by not only the public, but especially the staff of the Loma Colorado branch of the Rio Rancho Library. Event organizer, Librarian Jenna Wells, expressed her appreciation many times during the event, starting with when we walked in the door. Many other staff members stopped me as I took a moment to walk around, to say thank you and how much they appreciated our presence. The Library Director also came over to our tables to personally thank us.

As the event was wrapping up, I had a chance to walk around.  I heard two different groups of librarians comment about us – “Those Quelab people are incredible!” and “That Quelab display was amazing”.   We have become a staple at this event, and as such, we have already been asked to come be a part of it again next year!

It would be nice to grow in our presence, and add more examples of what we do. One in particular is a Star Wars themed corn hole game. This could show off woodworking, electronics (if we want to get really fancy), large format printing, laser cutting and fabric arts! So, if you’d be interested in helping with this becoming a reality, don’t be shy, and let’s talk! If you have any other ideas for a Stars Was related exhibit or activity, please share them as well!

With all of the interest generated, it would not be surprising to see an influx of people visiting Quelab during the next few public nights! If you see some new/unknown people, stop and say “Hi” and welcome them to our space.  Remember, we were all new and walked in the front door as strangers once…

Thank you again to the participants, as well as everybody else who has taken the time to read this.

– Darren Moody

2018 Board of Directors Election

Greetings Quelab Members!

The Quelab Board Of Directors Election will be held on Sunday February 18, 2018. Of the seven person Board of Directors, there are four directors finishing out their two year terms, so you will be voting to elect four Directors. The election party will be held at Quelab, starting at 5:00 p.m. and running until 8:00 p.m. or later, if we don’t reach the required voter turnout (per the By-laws, a quorum of voters is required, that is, 52% turnout.) Like last year, we will be providing food, and hope to have Quelab members come out to socialize & enjoy the party. And yes, this timeframe extends into the regularly scheduled 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Hacknight.

Election Process & Voting

The Election will be handled by Josh Pedersen & Celeste Nichols-Gangwere, with assists from other volunteers. We plan to again utilize OpaVote for electronic voting. There will be no paper ballots. Voting will start earlier that week, perhaps Wednesday (exact date still to be set).


NOTE: Per Quelab’s By-Laws, the Election “meeting” is mandatory for all Quelab members, and all members should vote for their choice(s) for Board of Directors (even if that vote is “none of the above”). Fortunately, voting electronically counts as “attendance”. Early electronic voting simplifies things for everyone, and we encourage as many people to vote early as possible. The election team still wants to see as many Quelab members as possible at the party. Come to Quelab & have some fun with us!


City on the Edge Podcast, 2017 Albuquerque mini Maker Faire Edition

I had the honor to be on a podcast panel during Albuquerque mini MakerFaire 2017,   Myself, and Mini Maker Faire organizer Wendi Flybutter, Bernalillo County Seed Librarian Brita Sauer, Talking to the City on the Edge podcast crew,  all about making, makering, planting new seeds, and about many more things including Quelab  (even if they got the tags a bit wrong).

City On The Edge Podcast

Quelab’s 2017 Fireless Fourth Link List!

The fourth of July is nearly upon us!  So in preparation I bring you my collection of fireless ideas  for entertaining kids and adults alike on this holiday!  At the end will be links to the 2013-2016.   If you celebrate with fireworks or without, some of these may help you out!  pass the time and have fun, and if you celebrate with fireworks, please do it responsibly,  keep a hose handy,  a bucket of water to quench the deads,  and common sense.





Well here is this years list!


500 drones with lights?? Substitute for skyblooms?

Here are a bunch(15) of things to try out!

5 minute cheap and mostly color related science experiments safe for kids and adults (bunches of ideas here!!!)

5 Minute Science Experiments for Kids

I think there has been basically this idea in every one of my Fireless Fourth, posts since 2011 or so, but each year i find slightly better versions, painted firework blooms

Firework Salt Painting

Stained glass picture frames, (make still life window fireworks)

Stained Glass Art

Easy Starburst Wall Art.

Easy DIY Star Burst Wall Art

Hotdog firecrackers.

Crackling Goop!

Blacklight Fun!

Here is a simple toy, to amuse, says toddlers, i’m pretty sure i know enough adults who would play too….

Overnight crystal garden. Red White and Blue!

Not sky blooms, but it gives you the option to make colorful blooms!

Colour Changing Flowers Experiment

Exploding Sidewalk chalk!

Rainbow bubble snake maker!

Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Train your kids to be ninja superheros.

A quick selection of fireless amusements from Steve Spangler

So simple a photo can explain it.

Another single photo idea (well it’s a composite, but who’s counting?!?)


Quelab past fireless fourth links.





All links and ideas are rights of the perspective creators,  i just collected most of these not responsible for misuse or damage or danger caused by any of these.

Meeting November 6 & More Events

QuelabSign2012-06-08 11.22.33
Come to our community meeting, potluck or both on Sunday November 6. Potluck at 4 PM, meeting at 5:05 PM. This is a great time to check out Quelab, come for the meeting, potluck, our hack night at 7 PM, or all three!
Check out the meeting agenda on our wiki here.
Want to become a member of Quelab? Check out for details.
If you’d like to come visit, we are open to the public every Sunday and Tuesday from 7 pm to 10 pm, feel free to drop by! Tours start at 7:30 and 8:30
Upcoming and ongoing events:
CoderDojo — November 5th & 19th, December 3rd & 17 . CoderDojo meets in The Core on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 10am – Noon. It is open to any youth 7 – 17 that want to learn programming or get help with current projects in a social setting. It is ‘club based’ no class based so youth can come to any meeting. Any youth that are interested in coding are welcome to attend, but please bring a parent or guardian with you (they can learn with you if they wish).
Tabletop games — November 3rd & 17th; December 1st, 15th, 29th. 6pm every other Thursday, play card/board/tabletop games at Quelab! Members and non-members are welcome. Feel free to bring your own games, and there will be many games available as well.
New Mexico Radio Collectors Club — Sun, November 13, 1pm – 4pm. Quelab members are welcome to sit in. More info at
Locksport meetup — Fri, December 23, 7pm – 11pm. Locksmith/lockpick and related security, NDE, and techniques. We will have some locks, and picks, but if you have some come bring your own. Free for Quelab members, $5 suggested donation for non-members.
And last but not least, every Tuesday and Sunday is hacknight at Quelab from 7pm to 10pm! Free for Quelab members, $5 suggested donation for non-members.

New Payment System

As a part of my last acts as Treasurer, part of the job had been to get rid of PayPal (or at least lessen it’s burden on us) as well as streamline the membership portion of the treasurer’s office. To that end I asked the Directors about getting a better membership software package, and WildApricot is it. WA is in use by a handful of other hackerspaces, and is a pretty good deal.

This system will be replacing both Seltzer (the membership part) and Eventbrite (an added bonus), and will add a donor-tracking system (something we’ve needed). It also automates the process of reminding cash members (ie those not using a credit-card through the website) that their dues are… due. As a part of this change, we are moving away from PayPal as our preferred payment processor; the new site is designed to use Stripe (our new payment processor) as the automated payment transaction system. Folks who use a credit card on the new site will be added to automatic transactions (and charged monthly on the first).

So keep a lookout for emails from ‘’, and don’t throw it away. Those of you who have been looking to ditch PayPal, you can renew your membership through WildApricot (paying with a credit card on our Stripe account) and end your PayPal subscription, and things will flow through successfully. Those of you who wish to remain an in-person payor (by cash, check, or credit-card) can continue using Square, and those of you who wish to continue using PayPal can also keep doing that too (although it will be a pain in the neck, and we really don’t advise it).

And here’s why: if you want to use PayPal (or Square), this will now be considered a ‘manual’ payment. PayPal has changed their data-export functionality, so it is not straightforward to import everyone’s payments. Additionally, since as the charges are debited every month on the day of the subscription start, keeping track of who’s paid this month by the 15th is impossible because anyone can cancel their subscription after they received the doorcode, but before we collect their automatic payment. Because of this, we will not be distributing the door code to folks until their charges clear. This now puts PayPal customers at the same level that Square customers have always been at. Monthly reminder emails will be sent to all manual-payment members and memberships will be automatically suspended if payment is not received by the 15th of the month.

If you have any questions, and I’m sure there will be, Geoff will be talking about this at the general meeting on Sunday (6 November), and will be hosting office hours after the meeting to get everyone up to speed.