Descriptive Information about our Space

Changes Coming to Your Lab

The lease is signed, the Indiegogo Campaign is complete, and Quarantine:ABQ is packing up their stuff. That means this is the month of transition…

Our new location is 680 Haines NW. Hack nights will still be held at our South Campus until 24 November.

Between now and then, there is a lot of work to be done. Here is the current schedule:

  • 10 November: The Prodigious Packing (wherin Quelab is reduced to Boxes)
  • 17 November: The Commodious Cartage (wherein Quelab is transported)
  • 24 November: The Inaugural Hack-Night at the new Campus (The “Unboxing”)

Any assistance that the membership can render would be greatly appreciated. Whether that’s putting things into boxes on the 10th, driving the boxes from one building to the other on the 17th, or helping us unpack everything at the North Campus on the 24th, it is all needed.

Additionally, some of the work that is being done to make the place habitable and friendly to hacking will be done by us Quelabbers. We are in need of labourers to help in removing walls and debris under the supervision of the landlord’s contractor. Updates will be posted to the blog when we have more information.

UPDATE 1 (15 Nov)
After getting everything loaded up on the 10th, most of the people involved decided it was easier to move everything that day, rather than waiting until this week. So the majority of the boxes and large things have been moved over to the North Campus. However, the internet is not yet on at North Campus, and there aren’t any chairs in South Campus. The Telco should be moving the internet at North Campus on Wednesday 20 Nov….

Success! Indiegogo Campaign Fully Funded and 30+ hours remain

SUCCESS! We did it!

With only 38 hours left in our campaign to finance our move, We’ve Done It! And we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to all of our members, our friends, and most especially to our backers!

Now, we can concentrate on stretch goals and conducting the move itself. The following “Wish List” items have all been mentioned as important pieces of the new location.

  • Laser cutter (hobby sized): $2000
  • Installed kitchen: $700
  • Library shelves: $300

If you continue to help us fund these items, we’ll have an even more awesome hackerspace and makerspace here in Albuquerque!

And, we’d like to invite you to help out with the packing, with the moving, and with the unpacking. Over the last few years, we’ve collected a lot of things, so rather than trying to make this one day of chaos, we’re looking at breaking it up in to three days:

  • 10 November: The Prodigious Packing (wherin Quelab is reduced to Boxes)
  • 17 November: The Commodious Cartage (wherein Quelab is transported)
  • 24 November: The Inaugural Hack-Night at the new Campus (The “Unboxing”)

So between now and then, we’ll hope you all enjoy Quarantine:ABQ staged by Blackout Theatre in our new space, and then come and see us through the move and into our next iteration… Quelab 2.0!

Quelab Move

We are well into our 3rd year of operations, and Quelab is really beginning to grow. In fact we’re bursting at the seams! Quelab v1.0 can no longer support all the cool projects, educational workshops, and creative events that we have planned. We need to upgrade to a bigger space. Luckily, our New Location Task Force has found us an awesome building where we can relocate. Quelab v2.0 will give our members, and the community, an enhanced creative outlet and an opportunity for continued growth. Please donate to our Moving Expenses fundraiser campaign and you too could take advantage of this amazing new location with all it has to offer.

The Sky is Falling

Greetings everyone! For those of you not in Albuquerque this month, it’s our monsoon season. This means flash-flooding, and fabulous thunderstorms. It also means above average (for the time-period) rainfall and excess winds.

If you are at the lab and you observe leaks or other damage (even non-weather related damage… or just when we’re out of toilet paper) please don’t hesitate to email us at info AT quelab DOT net or leave us a message at (505) 750-4522

If you have photographs of the damage, please send those along, and be as descriptive as you can in the damage report so that we can either fix it ourselves (DIY is a bit of a mantra) or direct the professionals or lessor if it’s a major fault.

Thanks for helping make Quelab YOUR place to make things!

— The (Outgoing) Tsar of Maintenance

Weekly Alibi Education Issue is out.

A Few weeks ago we were visited by one of their writers, and he did a very nice Nearly full page article about his visit. Please go to your nearest Alibi stand and go pick it up We are on page 12!

If you live far away or are getting to this late, here is the link http://alibi.com/feature/43885/Hack-the-High-Desert.html

If you live nearby, please consider tearing out this sheet and making sure it gets put up somewhere that interested people might see it! And Continue reading the whole edition is quite good!

What is a Hacknight? Why should I show up? 1

Its been on my mind for a while that we have been running hacknights here at Quelab about twice a week for over 2 years, And we still get questions as to what “Hacknight is?”

Basically its part OpenHouse, part generic project work time, and part social time to talk about ideas and projects with other folks with diverse backgrounds and experience. (Members can arrange to get in any time, but it helps to get a good mix of members and non members)

During hacknights we invite members and nonmembers alike to come down and start/work on projects, teach, learn, inspire, share resources, and explore.

Another point of contention is what hacking is, We could call it Makenight, or Inventnight, or Craftnight. But we are a Hackerspace, Harking back to the days before hacker meant computer criminal! Back to when people were tinkering and experimenting, building actual radio shacks in their back yard and then building radios to put in them. When we say Hacking/Hacker we are not talking about the news style sensationalists whom are taking down websites or stealing identities and creditcard numbers. We are talking about grass roots inventors, the folks like Steve Wozniak whom built the first apple computer in a garage!

In the mid 90’s RadioShack started to scale back all of the tinkering bits, the diodes, the transistors, the battery packs, and even worse the kits. Folks stopped making and playing and building things and started just buying whole things with tamper resistant screws, glued shut things, with software licenses that made it illegal to see how it works. We aim to be the antidote to that.

Radioshack had a slogan kinda like “You have questions, We have blank stares!” we aim to be the opposite of that, you have questions we are here to help. You have a dead toaster? Come find out what makes it tick(maybe even fix it). You have an idea for how to build a winter planter for starting your garden seedlings, we want to help you with the tools and others to help. You want to build a robot, or a interactive sculpture, or learn to build a home security system, or even just experiment with light, or heat, or cameras, or rockets, recycling, or candy, or yarncraft… Just about anything you can think of we want you to think of ways you can use Quelab to make that happen!

Here is a quick list of some (but by no means complete list of hacknight hacks!)
Fixing: laptops, power plugs, appliances, glasses, cameras, furniture, bikes, cars, printers, locks, silverware, phones…
Making: 3dprinters, casting, soldering, robots, kits, trailers, signs, rugs, props, frames, ion generators, jewelry, steampunk crafts, cameras, fireworks, toys, puzzles, tools, shelves…
Hacking: leds, textiles, tastebuds, toys, game consoles, tvs, monitors, robots, locks, puzzles, gadgets, cameras, linux, microcontrollers, light-bulbs, rockets, bikes, solar, batteries, phones, games, typewriters, musical instruments…

Here is a link to a slideshow of some of the above mentioned hacks over the last few years, to hopefully inspire you!

So with that said, come on down, our Hacknights are currently Tuesday 7pm-10pm and Sunday 7pm-10pm! Our hope is to grow with your help to the point where we can have hack a lot more Hackdays and Hacknights! What would you build?